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Trésor d’Archives n°55 – After the Conseil de révision

When young Germain Jean Pierre Barthès, from Réalmont in the Tarn, appeared before the review board, he argued that he was in poor health and should be exempted from active service. The prefecture launched an investigation. Two gendarmes on horseback went to his home to question him and to obtain statements from people who knew him.

  • The gendarmerie report

Investigation into the infirmity (mental state) declared by the conscript Barthès (Germain Jean Pierre); class: 1914, domiciled in Albi, to ask to be exempted from military service.

Today, the twelfth of April, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, at eight forty minutes past eight.

We, the undersigned Tauziès (Antoine) and Célariès (Édouard), mounted gendarmes at the Albi residence in the Tarn department, dressed in our uniforms and in accordance with the orders of our chiefs, report that in response to a letter dated 7 April 1914 from the Prefect of the Tarn, section no. 403/3, dated 10 April 1914, we have taken the following statements:

Barthès (Pierre), aged 63, farmer at Mas de Borie, commune of Albi (Tarn), at 5.40 am.
« My son is currently in the Creuse department; he works for Mr Gausserand, as a drainage worker. I don’t know when he’ll be back. Although he is working, he is suffering from the disability that was the subject of his complaint to the review board. About two years ago, he had typhoid fever, and since then, he has suffered continuously from headaches and colic ».

Sudre (Jules), aged 23, landowner at Mas de Borie, commune of Albi (Tarn), ) 9 a.m.:
« I know the son Barthès, as he’s my neighbour. About two years ago, he had typhoid fever, but I have not noticed that this condition has weakened his mental state ».

Randou (Paul), aged 50, owner of Mas de Borie, commune of Albi (Tarn), at 9.10am:
« I am a neighbour of the Barthès family. The son Germain had typhoid fever about two years ago, but I have not noticed any weakening of his mental state ».

Auriol (Angély), aged 23, owner of Mas de la Borie, commune of Albi (Tarn), at 9.20 am:
« The son Barthès has been my neighbour for three years. About two years ago, he had typhoid fever, but now he’s completely recovered. He works regularly and helps his parents a lot. He told me that the typhoid fever had left him with headaches, but he sounds (sic) very well, and his mental state does not seem to me to have weakened ».

Conscript Barthès (Germain Jean Pierre), who was away in the Creuse, could not be heard. According to public opinion and the information gathered, this conscript does not appear to be ill as he sounds (sic) very well and works continuously. Consequently, his request for exemption from military service does not appear to be taken into consideration.

In witness whereof (…) ».

  • Insufficient allegations

The file contains no other gendarmerie report. The review board therefore did not change its verdict: « Bon service armée (Good armed service). Conscript Barthès arrived at the 142nd RI depot, like the other men in his class, without further delay, on 4 September 1914.

Although it is not possible to determine his exact whereabouts, all we know is that he disappeared during the fierce fighting of the 142nd RI around Beauséjour in the Marne between 13th and 22nd March 1915. It was only by a declaratory judgment of the Albi court in 1920 that he was declared dead on 13 March 1915.

  • Source:

Archives départementales du Tarn :

1 R 1-570: Individual files for the class of 1913.

1 R 2-206: registration card for Barthès Germain Jean Pierre, class of 1914, registration number 614 at the Albi recruitment office.

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